An unlucky Macleod woman has drawn her boss in the office KK and is now experiencing heightened levels of stress while working out what to do. Among the many considerations that Rebecca Fraser is now dealing with is what to get a millionaire for just $20, and how much can she exceed the price limit without coming across as too much of a try hard and/or brown nose.

Fraser also has to deal with the fact that she hardly knows her boss, apart from the occasional hallway bump in when he greets her with a nod but probably actually doesn’t know her name. She has told The Watsonia Bugle, “This is such a nightmare scenario, I mean I know someone has to draw him, but out of 80 people, what are the odds?” *

While she has already quizzed her boss’ PA about any potential gift ideas, Fraser is now wrestling with what kind of price to pay. She said, “I just wish there was some kind of formula available on the internet. I have to pay more than $20, but I’m guessing that $40 is trying too hard. So I’m currently tossing up between the $30 to $35 mark which I think is fairly safe. But in the end, this guy is so rich he’s kind of lost his understanding of money around that end of the scale. He wouldn’t know the difference between $20 and $40 anyway. I hate Christmas.”

* Fraser was unimpressed when we told her the odds were one in 80.