A local wine drinking enthusiast is horrified by findings from a recent study that have suggested taxing cask wine by as much as 120%. The report, compiled by health economists from a university in Melbourne, presents the heavy alcohol tax as the top recommendation for reducing the obesity epidemic that currently has its chubby hands wrapped around Australia’s throat.

While the intentions behind the recommendation are good, Janice Goddings contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to voice her displeasure. In a wide-ranging discussion, Goddings said, “It’s a bloody joke mate. I choose them casks ‘cos they’re the cheapest. How am I supposed to support my wine addiction when the price goes up by more than double? I work hard mate, I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

Asked whether a hefty cask wine tax would curb her drinking habits at all, Goddings seemed uncertain. She said, “Who knows mate. It’s unlikely. I don’t go through that many a week. Maybe just one or two boxes a day, so I don’t see how I could cut back any more than where I’m already at? But the almighty dollar rules all, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”