A local craft brewer, named Shayne, has admitted to friends that he only puts non-screwtop lids on the beers he produces because people assume that makes them of a higher quality, plus he can then charge more for them. He made the admission while sitting around with friends last night enjoy a few quiet beers and a mate asked what the difference was between screwtop and non-screwtop.

Shayne initially paused when asked the question, like a magician who was about to break the code, before telling his mates there was no major difference between the beer-keeping qualities of either bottle top. He said, “Yeah, no real difference to be honest, it’s just that people have become conditioned into thinking that if a beer needs a bottle opener it’s better quality. It defies logic really, because screwtop lids are way more user friendly.”

While Shayne wouldn’t be drawn into the conspiracy theory that non-screwtop lids had been kept in use to support the burgeoning bottle opener industry, he did provide Crown Lager as the perfect example of a beer that changed to screwtop lids and immediately lost its mantle as a top-shelf beer. He said, “When I was growing up, Crownies were a real premium product, but then all of the sudden they just slid down the pecking order. Don’t listen to people who tell you the slide was because we now have so many more options with imported and boutique beers, Crownies simply lost their hold on the premium market when they switched to screwtops.”