Inner North hipsters are believed to have delivered the first absurd social trend of the new year, exploiting outdated retail laws by paying for their coffee with a currency not in regular use in Australia for over 50 years. Westgarth resident Kelvin Cannington claims that while the trend of using pennies and shillings to pay for coffee officially began late last year around inner Melbourne, it would really take off in 2019.

The claims come fresh from yesterday’s news that there are apparently laws against using large amounts of coins to pay for items. Within that story was the suggestion that pennies could still be legal tender, despite the difficulties associated with converting them into dollars and cents.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, self-professed trend analyst Cannington said, “Totally man, it’s definitely happening this year. It was, like, more of an underground thing last year, but it will go to the next level in 2019. It ticks all the boxes for us really. By using old coins, we’re not relying on the government to continue producing new currency at a great environmental cost. The core component of sustainability is repurposing previously unwanted items and using them in your everyday.”

When questioned about the long-term viability of the trend, considering its reliance of a finite resource, Cannington refused to buckle. He said, “It’s all legal tender man. That money goes into the cash registers of hipster-run cafes that then pay their hipster staff, and so the circle of life continues. It totally makes sense. It’s happening.”

Despite Cannington’s bullish stance on the trend, Watsonia coin collector Doris Weatherlake is unimpressed. When contacted for comment, Weatherlake said, “Typical stupid hipsters. They just love popularising previously unpopular things. Coin collecting has been the safe place of nerds for decades. If the hipsters make it cool, that just drives prices up all across the coin collecting community. It’s just like in the Op Shops. You used to get proper bargains at those places, but now that it’s cool everything is way more expensive.”