A local man has oddly turned a blind eye to Senator Fraser Anning’s regular taxpayer-funded jaunts to right-wing rallies, despite often bemoaning so-called wasted government money spent on foreign aid and immigrant communities. Brad Donaldson has been suspiciously quiet on this week’s hot issue of the Queensland Senator using taxpayer money to travel business class to at least three right-wing rallies in the last 12 months, including last weekend’s violent demonstration in St Kilda.

Senator Anning’s behaviour has been heavily debated this week, first for his appearance at last weekend’s hate-filled rally, and then for the revelations that he used taxpayer money to fund his trip south to Melbourne where he says he wanted to “represent the people of Queensland”. While the money spent on the trip could arguably have been better spent on other initiatives, for example a decent wardrobe for the Senator, he has been unrepentant on the matter.

Meanwhile, friends of Bundoora man Donaldson have been shocked by his silence on social media so far this week, especially considering his usual enthusiasm for highlighting instances of supposedly wasted taxpayer dollars. One anonymous friend said, “I thought he’d be all over it to be honest. Just a casual scroll back through the last six months of his Facebook posts digs up at least a dozen complaints about the misuse of tax money paid by ‘hard working Aussie families’. But he hasn’t said a word about Senator Anning. It’s quite bizarre.”