A rather concerning spate of public defecations and urinations in Queensland has prompted authorities to launch an investigation into the accessibility of public toilets in the state. In the most recent case, a woman was captured on CCTV urinating in the middle of a supermarket aisle before also shoplifting an item from the store.

That brazen double crime came just a month after a man was captured on CCTV defecating beside a skip outside a takeaway restaurant in Toowoomba. And, of course, who can forget last year’s infamous case of the bogging jogger in Brisbane who tormented residents of a neighbouring apartment block by regularly defecating on their footpath?

Authorities in the sunshine state are now concerned that the high prevalence of going to the toilet in such open locations may be indicative of a severe shortage of public toilets. An anonymous source from within the Queensland government told The Watsonia Bugle, “We’re actually really concerned about it to be honest. Especially when you consider that the documented cases might only be the tip of the iceberg. I mean, we don’t have CCTV cameras everywhere, so the problem may actually be even worse than first thought.”