While Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s absurd attempts to be seen as a man of the people have been well-documented, even we were surprised when news broke yesterday of an oddly Photoshopped image appearing on his official website. The true reason behind the awkwardly added sneakers remains unclear, despite the Prime Minister’s equally awkward attempt to make light of the situation this morning on Twitter.

Knowing that we’re unlikely to ever get a straight answer out of the PM or his staffers, we decided to dig a little deeper and were shocked at what we discovered. Hidden within the official website were multiple examples of odd Photoshop jobs, all attempting to raise the profile of the embattled leader. It seems “ScoMo” will go to any length to prove his credentials as an everyday, knock-about Aussie bloke.

For example, did you know that ScoMo was actually Paul Hogan’s stunt double in the filming of Crocodile Dundee? Apparently he was the only man interviewed by producers of the hit film, who said his sculpted body, larrikin attitude to life, and unrivalled ability to wrestle saltwater crocodiles made him perfect for the dangerous role.

ScoMo also once batted with Sir Donald Bradman in a cricket match for Australia. But because MyCricket wasn’t around in those days, no statistical evidence is available today. But reliable witnesses at the match say that the PM outscored the world’s greatest ever cricketer on a tricky day-four wicket.

A little known fact is that when Phar Lap’s usual jockey Jim Pike was sick one day, ScoMo jumped into the saddle as a top-weight and steered Big Red to victory.

But while reliable witnesses have verified each of these until-now-unknown events, we’re raising our eyebrows at the image of ScoMo on the surface of the moon. If ever moon landing conspiracy theorists had reason to question the validity of mankind’s giant leap, it’s right now.

With such a dynamic creative team working hard in the Prime Minister’s office, it makes us even angrier that he didn’t arrange for someone to remove that absurd “trophy” spotted on display in his office in September last year.