A local woman has contacted The Watsonia Bugle to tell us that the “Casual Fridays” at her inner city office are providing a true insight into who her co-workers really are. Lisa Collins said that while she’d been working in the office for about six months now, no activity or interaction she’d had so far had provided more insight than each Friday when staff are allowed to wear neat casual attire to the office.

Speaking to us yesterday, Collins said, “It’s just such an incredible insight into the lives of these people. You know, we’ve had a few functions, I’ve gotten drunk with them, and I survived last year’s Christmas party, but nothing compares to what they serve up each Friday.”

Collins said that it was the male colleagues who revealed most each Friday, as the shirt and trousers combo provides less opportunity for individual flair than what is allowed by her female colleagues. She said, “Absolutely it’s the guys who I learn the most about. You know, from Monday to Thursday us chicks can wear dresses, skirts, suit paints, whatever, and then there’s different tops, scarves, brooches, hair ties, the lot. But the blokes just keep trotting out the trousers and long sleeve shirts. And while there’s some scope within that, their hands are tied a bit I reckon.”

When asked what her biggest surprises have been so far, Collins said, “Sneans. Definitely the sneans. So many of these guys seem to think it’s acceptable. As a young single woman trying to find her place in the world, sneans are the easiest red flag available. I understand the temptation to wear them, but c’mon guys, you need to be better than that.”