As enthusiasm continues to grow around the possibility of a wine bar opening up somewhere along Watsonia Road, a local ideas man claims he has come up with the perfect name for such an establishment. In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, self-professed wine connoisseur Cameron Dale said, “After weeks of brainstorming, story boarding, and focus group trialling, I’ve come up the perfect name: Watsinyaglass.”

According to Dale, the slightly difficult to read title has everything you need. He said, “It’s got something for everyone. A bit of word play, clever use of the endearing nickname we give our suburb, and the totally Aussie slang word ‘ya’ to make the venue seem accessible to all comers. It’s a ripper mate, trust me. Remember that old racehorse ‘Waikikamukau’? That was iconic. And people love it when you jam a whole bunch of words into one, especially now that we all use hashtags and that.”

While initial suspicions were raised around Dale’s motivations behind floating the potential name, he insists that he is not looking for a monetary reward if a local entrepreneur chooses to use the undoubtably fantastic name. Dale said, “I honestly don’t want a cent for it mate. Consider it my gift to Watsonia. I just want a wine bar in Watsy. That would be more than enough reward. And maybe the occasional free glass of Shiraz.”