A Watsonia father is reportedly considering making a late charge in the “Dad Bod Fest” that is scheduled to take place in Thornbury this weekend. While Callum Fleming claims he would’ve liked a bit more notice before entering the competition, he says that a particularly active festive season has put him in ordinary enough shape to give the earn a podium finish.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle just hours after submitting his application form, Fleming said, “I actually only found out about it over the weekend when a mate suggested I could win it. So, this morning, I submitted me application, along with a shirtless photo of me that the missus took last night. Ideally I would’ve had a bigger lead in to the comp, but I guess the last month and a bit has been as good a preparation as any. You know, eating heaps, laying around on holidays, and drinking beer almost every day.”

While Fleming insisted that he was happy to submit himself to the terms and conditions of the competition, he has openly questioned the allowance of non-dads to enter the race. Fleming said, “I just feel like they might have a slight advantage, because they have more time in their day to work on the ordinariness of their rig. Being a dad actually makes me more active than I was before I had kids. I mean, I’m constantly getting off the couch to make toast, get drinks, etc. Not to mention all the cricket I’ve had to play this summer with my seven-year-old son. Without that, I reckon I would’ve been in even worse shape than I am right now.”