Watsonia’s status as a desirable holiday destination has been significantly bolstered by a top 15 ranking in the list of Melbourne’s warmest suburbs. Slotting into a respectable 12th spot on the list, Watsonia’s average annual daily temperature maximum of 19.8 degrees Celsius places it very favourably amongst the more celebrated holiday destinations in Victoria.

As reported last year, Watsonia has unexpectedly become a popular holiday spot for global celebrities such as Taylor Swift, reportedly gaining traction thanks to its growing café culture, abundance of takeaway food outlets, and winding back streets that make it easy to get away from chasing paparazzi. The exposure created by Swift’s recent low-key stay in the area (that story was our most-read story of 2018), has had travel agents scrambling to find out more information about our suburb, and this recent warmth ranking will do little to water down the hype.

In addition to Watsonia’s high placing, nearby suburb Viewbank topped the list at an impressive 20.9 degrees Celsius, arguably making the North-East region Melbourne’s most temperate climate. Long-time Watsonia resident Carol Nelson claims she’s not at all surprised by the result. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Nelson said, “I didn’t doubt it for a second. I often tell my friends that the sun’s always shining in Watsy, and this high ranking proves that beyond any doubt.”