A confused Watsonia mum has made a grievous modern error, after misunderstanding the true meaning of “Netflix and chill” and inviting her adult son over to watch a movie. The woman, Pam Adams, was just trying to be supportive of her 27-year-old son who was recently dumped by his girlfriend and found himself dateless and aimless over the long weekend.

In a text message exchange that originally commenced on Saturday afternoon, the discussion eventually escalated to Pam’s fateful offer on Sunday morning as she felt sorry for her son Ricky who seemed a bit bored and alone. Keen to extend some motherly love to her son, but also keep up with the lingo on the street, Pam texted Ricky with “Netflix and chill…?”

Initially thinking that his mum had just made a bad joke, Ricky soon realised that she was always misunderstanding modern sayings, and was most likely totally in the dark about the true meaning of what she had just texted. The exchange then went like this…

Ricky: Um, mum, do you know what that means?

Pam: Yes Ricky, I’m not a dinosaur. Netflix is an online streaming service. So “Netflix and chill” means come round to watch a movie and just relax on the couch with good company. Your father and I recently subscribed to the Netflix and it’s quite good actually. We Netflix and chill quite often. 

Ricky: Mum, it means have sex.

Pam: Ricky! Don’t be so crass. What are you talking about?

Ricky: Mum, it’s code for inviting someone over for sex.

Pam: Oh my goodness. Well I’m very sorry dear. That’s obviously not what I was offering. Would you still like to come around for a movie? 

Ricky: Um, no mum. I think I’ll just stay at my place. 

Pam: Okay dear, look after yourself. Love you xoxo

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, Ricky Adams said he was surprised that his Mum was so far off the cultural zeitgeist. He said, “I guess I knew she was always a bit behind the times, but how could she not know about this? If she didn’t know last year I’d almost understand, but in 2018 there’s really no excuse.”

Pam was unavailable for comment.