A food technology study from a local university has flown in the face of years of anecdotal evidence to prove that the best yoghurt isn’t actually the thin layer found inside the lid. After analysing multiple brands and multiple container types, a team of dedicated scientists were able to prove that the best yoghurt is most definitely found inside the tub, unless you’re a complete stupid head who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, lead scientist Professor Gerry Conlan said, “I’ve always been sceptical of that claim. My own father used to always go on about it. He held that thin layer of yoghurt in such high regards, but I never understood the fuss. So, we did the research, and after a full year of analysing yoghurt samples in the lab, and conducting blind taste tests, we have officially proven that the best part isn’t on the lid.”

Professor Conlan somewhat controversially claimed that the reverence reserved for that tiny portion of yoghurt could be attributed to the same part of the brain that causes romantic partners to cheat on their spouses. He said, “People always want that little bit extra, and sometimes that spreads to what they can’t get. The tiny bit of the Zooper Dooper that gets snipped off, the bubbles inside the lid of a bottle of iced coffee that you’ve just shaken off, your next door neighbour’s wife. You know, all the simple things in life. So, while that actual lick of yoghurt is inferior to what’s in the remainder of the tub, your brain tricks you into thinking it’s better.”