A local father has spectacularly answered the phone to one of his adult children and not immediately said, “I’ll put your mother on”. In what has been referred to as a very rare case of this kind of phenomenon, the Watsonia father of three even engaged in two to three minutes of small talk with his son before eventually asking if he wanted to speak to his mother.

Reflecting on the odd exchange, the man’s son, Cameron Dale, told The Watsonia Bugle that he was still in a state of shock, but slightly buoyed by the brief conversation with his father. Cameron said, “It was kind of weird. I was actually calling to speak to Mum, but Dad seemed up for a chat. Asking me how work was going, threw in a few on-point weather references, and even asked how my girlfriend was. I kind of just stumbled through my answers, waiting for him to refer me to Mum.”

In fact, Cameron said he was so preoccupied by the strangeness of the exchange, that he didn’t get to enjoy it for what it was. He said, “It was all over before I knew it, and now I’m filled with sadness and regret that I didn’t ask Dad how his life was going. Maybe it was a cry for help. Who knows?”