It hardly needed confirmation, but a quick conversation with The Watsonia Bugle has confirmed that the local man walking the street of an evening with his dog’s lead in one hand and a cold beer in the other is in his happy place. We spoke to him last night, and he is believed to be a fair representation of all blokes who walk their dogs while drinking a beer.

Naturally, summer is the peak season for blokes walking their dog while drinking a beer, with some participants saying it’s the best half hour of their day. The man we spoke to last night said, “Mate, it’s just the best. I’ve been workin’ all day, and then I have half an hour out in the fresh air with me best mate while sipping on a cold one. What more could you want? It’s definitely me happy place.” 

“It’s the best chance to just gather me thoughts before returning to the madhouse where the missus will be on me case and the kids will be doing me head in. Dogs really are man’s best friend, and beer runs a close second.”