A local cricket fan has boldly declared that the Big Bash is dead to him, as the fledgling cricket tournament has endured a difficult week of criticism around its recently lengthened season. Despite his Melbourne Stars currently sitting fourth on the ladder, and in genuine contention to make the finals, Callum Rodgers claims his interest in the competition has waned since the halcyon days of the 2016/17 summer.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Rodgers said, “It’s just really dragging on this year isn’t it? I got right into it a few years ago, even bought some merch and went to a few games. I caught Big Bash fever in a big way, but it’s cooling off a bit now. The care factor has dropped, and blaming the length of the season is a good cover for that. Reality is I was losing interest about two or three weeks ago.”

While Rodgers was bemoaning the flatness of this Big Bash season, he wasn’t buying into the comments of Brisbane Heat skipper Chris Lynn who publicly voiced his concerns over the extended length of the competition. On that matter, Rodgers said, “Lynny’s a bit tired is he? Geez, I wouldn’t have thought he’d spent enough time at the crease this summer to get tired would he? Professional sportsmen complaining about their lot in life always amuses me a little. Nobody will ever be as tired as I was after my first full week back at work after the Christmas holidays. Give us a spell Lynny!”