A local chicken parma enthusiast claims he is ready to cross town and tackle the so-called “Schnitzelmeister” — six schnitzels stacked on top of each other and served with four side dishes. While that would be enough to sink most mere mortals, Danny Taylor reckons he’s got what it takes, spending the last 24 hours trying to lock in a date with friends to drive over to The Bavarians restaurant at Highpoint.

The intimidating “Schnitzelmeister” made national headlines early this week, as news spread of the $80 meal that you can get for free if you manage to consume it all within one hour. Restaurant management said that only one customer had managed to score that free meal since the challenge was laid down, claiming that it was actually the compulsory side dishes that undid most diners, not the six chicken schnitzels laden in napoli sauce, ham, and cheese.

However, Taylor said that low success rate would only drive him harder. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, he said, “Mate, I can do this, easy. The side dishes won’t be a problem. I’m a big eater, and always have been. The hardest part will be finding a date and time that suits all me mates. Plus it’s a bit of a drive. It’s well known that Melbournians don’t often cross the Yarra, but not many more seem willing to cross the Tulla, unless you’re driving down the coast. But it’ll be worth it this time. Highpoint, here I come.”