Insiders from the Australian men’s Test team have alleged that WAG attendance at the match currently being played in Canberra is at an all-time low, despite many of them living within a relatively short distance of the venue. An anonymous source close to the team contacted The Watsonia Bugle to suggest that the sleepy hollow of Canberra was not quite salubrious enough to lure the wives and girlfriends of many of the players to the game.

The source said, “Yeah mate, a real lull in proceedings here in Canberra. And you can’t even blame it on Sri Lanka being a low-profile opponent, because most of the girls don’t even care about the cricket, and numbers were strong up in Brissie last weekend.”

Pointing out the lack of fancy hotels and eateries, plus the complete absence of a wine region within day trip distance, the source also claimed that the so-called “Instagramability” of Canberra was deemed unacceptable for many of the WAGs. The insider said, “Let’s be honest, what can they ‘Gram from Canberra? Them posing in front of Parliament House? Taking a stroll along Lake Burley Griffin? Please. These girls are used to Caribbean resorts, South African safaris, European vacations, and the big city centres here in Australia. Even Adelaide’s got the Barossa.”