A local mid-week social basketballer claims that he is deliberately avoiding dating a member of the Kardashian family because he doesn’t want to fall victim to the “Kardashian Curse”. Even though Lachlan Wallace still lives at home with his parents and drives a car that’s almost as old as he is, he insists that the only reason he doesn’t have a Kardashian on his arm is personal choice.

The so-called “Kardashian Curse” relates to the growing list of NBA players who have dated members of the Kardashian family and then seen their on-court form suffer for some supposedly linked reason. The most prominent case is that of Lamar Odom who started dating Khloe Kardashian around the time he was a Championship-winning player with the LA Lakers. They got married, then divorced, then Odom went off the rails, entered rehab, and never played in the NBA again.

While that example is extreme, other NBA players to allegedly fall victim to the curse include Kris Humphries, Blake Griffin and James Harden. Hence the genuine concern around Aussie-born NBA rising star, and occasional mid-week Diamond Valley Stadium fill-in, Ben Simmons who is rumoured to be dating Kardashian family member Kendall Jenner.

In that uncertain climate, the Greensborough-based Wallace has consistently been telling friends that he’s “actively avoiding” the romantic intentions of Kardashian family members, in a dedicated attempt to protect his B Grade Wednesday night form. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Wallace said, “You can’t be too careful mate. You never know what could happen. I mean, I’m unlikely to bump into any of them down at the Lower on a Friday night but, if I did, I’d avoid them like the plague. I’m planning on going to States next year on a bit of a boys trip, so I’ll have to be real careful over there. I’m not a bad lookin’ rooster, so I’ll have to take a few precautions.”