A study from a local university has confirmed years of suspicion by proving that a conversation starting with “I’m not racist, but…” has a 99.9% chance of containing some form of racism in it. The study recorded and analysed thousands of personal conversations over a three-year period, eventually narrowing down the likelihood of racist content being worked into a discussion.

Reflecting on the results, lead researcher Professor Fraser Pendleton said, “Sometimes we conduct studies where we kind of already know the answer, and this was definitely one of those. However, even I was surprised by the final percentage. I thought it would’ve been closer to 95%. So, it was quite an interesting result in the end.”

Another surprise in the results was the average age of people using the words “I’m not a racist, but…” before delivering their limited world views. While Professor Pendleton acknowledged that most users of the qualifying phrase were aged over 50, an alarming portion of the numbers had made its way into the 30-50 age group. Unable to pinpoint the exact reason, Professor Pendleton said, “That result was surprising. We kind of expected it from older generations, but we were blindsided by the end results.”