Mid-week social basketball fill-in, and occasional NBA superstar, Ben Simmons made history today as the first ever Monday Night Diamond Valley basketballer to play in an NBA All-Star Game. Hitting the court for “Team LeBron”, Simmons also inadvertently became the first ever Australian basketballer to feature in the annual celebration of the game’s greatest players.

Also known for being the NBA’s Rookie of the Year last season, Simmons is arguably best known for his surprise appearance on Court 1 on a random Monday night at the renowned Diamond Valley Stadium way back in August 2017. His dominant performance that night arguably put his name on the world stage, despite also being the number one pick of the NBA Draft a year earlier.

While Simmons’ performance in the All-Star Game wasn’t quite as impressive as the 34-point clinic he put on two years ago at Diamond Valley, he still managed to put his best foot forward, delivering a coast-to-coast dunk almost immediately after entering the game. And, just like he was in that groundbreaking game in 2017 on Court 1 at the DV, Simmons was again on the winning side, as Team LeBron defeated Team Giannis 178 to 164 in a typically high-scoring affair. Simmons excelled in the star-studded match, scoring 10 points at 100% from the field, and registered a team-high seven assists.

To acknowledge the significant milestone, all players participating in tonight’s round of matches at Diamond Valley Stadium have promised to shoot well below 100% efficiency.