Animal welfare groups are concerned about the welfare of the baseball-loving, thong-wearing fox that shot to prominence last month after it staged a brazen robbery of a Watsonia address. In a story that attracted global attention, the “Watsy Foxy” was captured on CCTV cameras methodically stealing a pair of thongs and a baseball before the owners used the footage to raise awareness about the crime.

Since then, it’s believed that Watsy Foxy has been laying low in an attempt to avoid capture and prosecution. However, since more than a full month has passed since the incident, and no further sightings have been reported, concerns are now held over the welfare of the famous fox.

According to local conservationist Bradley Samuels, “A number of factors could be at play here. I mean, I’ve seen a few flattened foxes on the roads since Watsy Foxy stole those items, and while no thongs or baseballs were spotted near those corpses, we can’t rule out his untimely death. But the other issue is how suitable thongs are for playing baseball — especially when you have four feet and only one pair of thongs. So, the Watsy Foxy might just be hiding away somewhere with a nasty case of shin splints. Who knows?”