Our glorious suburb of Watsonia has again boosted its public profile after making the top 10 list of the best places to visit that end with the letters “nia”. It caps a very solid couple of years of reputation building by our home town, including visits from international celebrities, Macleod residents wanting to become us, and cutting-edge local newspaper.

The official list, released yesterday by travel company Get Your Travel On, scoured the globe for the best destinations that met the very specific criteria of having a name that ended in “nia”. And not only did Watsonia make the final list, we came in at the coveted position of number three, just behind California and Transylvania.

The result also made Watsonia the highest placed Australian destination, leaving the residents of both Tasmania and Boronia a little miffed, if not realistic about their rightful place in the world. Proud Watsonia resident Kym Adams said, “It’s worthy recognition for Watsy I reckon. We’ve got a great vibe going on at the moment, and it just seems to keep getting better. Next year we might even give top spot a real shake. California is overrated, and we all know Dracula is made up.”