An overly descriptive, and unnecessarily graphic, office toilet sign has walked the fine line of being passive aggressive or just plain aggressive. The sign, posted on the wall of the male bathroom in an inner-city office block two weeks ago, not only questions the cleanliness of fellow workers, it also questions their chosen defecation techniques.

As can be seen above, the sign reads, “The toilets are disgusting today… For the benefit of your colleagues and the cleaners, please don’t ‘push it out’ with explosive force”. The open questioning of how colleagues perform their number twos is believed to be one of the first of its kind in Australia, noticeably upping the ante from the usual requests to simply just clean up after yourself.

Local communication expert Lenny Edwards claims that the sign moves beyond the stereotypical passive aggressive office sign and becomes plain aggressive. He said, “Apart from the actual tone, and the judicial use of bold and underline font, the message is quite confrontational and aggressive. Why they needed to delve into such gritty specifics remains unclear.”

Edwards explained that the chosen method of ablution is occasionally out of the abluter’s control. He said, “I mean, sometimes, these kinds of things can’t be helped. Who knows, maybe someone had a spicy curry the night before? Maybe they had a tummy bug? Regardless of that, the message becomes openly aggressive after it veers from the more acceptable request to clean up after doing your business. How you actually do your business is nobody’s, well, business.”