Two local parents are currently debating exactly how they’re going to approach a rare brunch outing this weekend, claiming that their daily eating plan no longer caters for the oddly timed meal. Danny and Rachel McGuinness are scheduled to meet friends in the inner north for brunch at 10.30am tomorrow, sparking hours of personal reflection about what that means for their Saturday morning.

According to Rachel, the pair don’t want this ongoing conversation to sound like they’re not grateful for a morning getaway from their children, but they just don’t know how to manage the new eating patterns they adopted six years ago when they had their first child. She said, “I mean, the kids will be up early and we’ll be feeding them breakfast by about 7am, but we’re not meeting our friends for brunch until 10.30am. Do I wedge some toast in to hold me over, or do I just hold on until brunch starts? I honestly don’t know.”

Danny seemed even more confused by the challenge, despite giving the scenario quite a bit of thought. He said, “It’s a tough one. It really is. And I don’t want to be fooled by brunch being at 10.30am. Because that doesn’t mean we’ll be eating at 10.30am. Our friends are usually late, and we’ll need to get a table and order coffees. Let’s be frank, we probably won’t even order food until 11ish, and the food might arrive around 11.30. That’s pretty much lunch time at our joint on any other day of the week. So it’s not brunch mate, it’s lunch.”