After flicking through a prominent Melbourne newspaper yesterday, a local man claims to have discovered a potential solution for the daily Watsonia Train Station car parking riddle. Vinnie Robinson was flicking through the Herald Sun yesterday when he spotted an article that shared the concept of a so-called “Suitcase Car”, last seen plodding along Bourke Street in 1992 as part of a promotion for that year’s International Motor Show.

Every weekday morning for the last three years, Robinson has bravely attempted to get a park in the expansive Watsonia Train Station parking lot, resulting in an encyclopaedic knowledge of which times and locations are the most beneficial. Despite that knowledge, Robinson still occasionally has problems finding a suitable parking spot, and he believes the Suitcase Car could be solution he’s been longing for.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his brainwave, Robinson said, “This is a huge development, it really is. I mean, I could pretty much drive right onto Platform 1 each morning, hop out of my vehicle, fold it neatly into the suitcase, and jump on the next train. Genius!”

While full-scale production of Mazda’s Suitcase Car never eventuated back in the 1990s, Robinson believes it would be better suited to Melbourne’s current traffic conditions. He said, “Peak hour is no longer an hour. It stretches to about two to three hours every morning and every night. Imagine zipping around in the Suitcase Car? Sure, I’d look like Donkey Kong racing around in Mario Kart, but if it shaves time off my daily commute, I’m on board.”

Robinson also claimed that technological advancements would mean the Suitcase Car would be even more impressive than the early-90s prototype featured in yesterday’s paper. He said, “That 90s model had a top speed of 32km/h and could travel 15 kilometres on one tank of petrol. That’s pretty good, and ideal for my 10-minute drive to and from the station, but imagine what they could build now? You could probably even make an electric one that I could just charge in a USB port on my work computer. How cool would that be?”