A secret society of milk enthusiasts is gaining rapid traction on Facebook, supposedly providing a safe online space where moo juice lovers can meet with like-minded individuals and celebrate all things milk. Claiming to be a “space where members feel safe to share photos of themselves consuming milk with the rest of the milking community”, the group has grown exponentially since its launch earlier this week.

Named “Blokes and Their Milks”, the group is currently experiencing a large volume of entertaining posts from its members, with videos and images being shared of men from all over the world enjoying their milk and/or milks. The community is aiming to raise awareness for the challenging situation facing dairy farmers in Australia right now.

Like the sound of this? Well, there are some strict rules for the group, including having to be male. Other rules include no almond milk or any vegan alternatives are allowed to feature on the page, and no advertising or memes will be accepted. However, it’s not too tightly controlled, with group admins allowing the use of milk additives — such as Milo and Nesquik — plus any other form of flavoured milk. In fact, one of the conditions of accessing the group is to name your favourite milk flavour. So, it seems, flavoured milk is not only allowed but actively encouraged.

Do you believe that milk is never a bad choice? Well, this could be just the group for you.