Local residents have reportedly started preparing the bid for a “Fearless Girl” replica statue to find a permanent home in Watsonia, once she has completed her three-year residency in Federation Square. The statue is the third replica of the original girl that stands proudly in front of the Charging Bull statue in Wall Street, New York.

The “Fearless Girl”, which depicts a plucky young girl firmly standing her ground, has become a symbol of gender equality, inspiring women and young girls all over the world. While other replicas are in place in Norway and South Africa, a third replica was installed in Melbourne earlier this week. The Melbourne replica is expected to take temporary place in Federation Square, before moving to a permanent location somewhere else in the city.

Despite regular setbacks in furthering Watsonia’s public art credentials, a group of enthusiastic locals claim they are preparing a proposal to have the popular statue moved to our suburb after the three years in Fed Square. In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, a member of the group said, “We’re super keen for this. Even though Watsy keeps getting knocked back for public art installations, we refuse to yield. We’ll keep putting our hands up until we finally get something more interesting than that witches hat on the top of the public dunnies on main street.”

If successful, the brave pitch will launch in spite of rejections for the giant dim sim, the “Watsie” art park at Binnak Park, and the mass nude photograph on the car park above a local op shop. While the group behind the proposal refused to reveal the location they had in mind, we’d love to see the “Fearless Girl” standing proudly somewhere in Watsonia. Let’s get it done people!