A Watsonia father has evicted his 4-year-old son from their LEGO worksite over the weekend due to the son “not playing properly”. The eviction caused an adverse reaction from the son, who abruptly downed tools and stormed off the site, yelling and screaming as he went.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this afternoon, the father defended his actions and said, “He’s been doing this stuff for ages. Doesn’t follow the exact instructions, goes rogue, and then complains when stuff doesn’t work out and his towers are structurally unsound. I mean what does he expect? The laws of physics just don’t allow for certain constructions.”

While we were speaking to the man, his son yelled out in the background, “Stop it Dad! You’re being naughty! Why are you being President Business?” After which the father abruptly ended the interview.