Speculation continues to swirl around the tight-knit community of Watsonia North regarding what is going to happen to the Macorna Store. Roughly six months have passed since the closure of the store next to the car wash on the corner of Grimshaw and Macorna Streets, yet we seem no closer to knowing what the future holds for the prime real estate opportunity.

While social media has been abuzz with a plethora of theories — ranging from podiatrists to swanky wine bars — fears are held that the people of Watsonia North are growing increasingly tired of waiting. One such resident, who requested strict anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I just can’t keep living like this. Every morning and every night I drive past that building and a feeling of the unknown just overwhelms me. Sometimes I shake my fist in anger, sometimes I bellow to the sky above me. Other times I just quietly sob while waiting for the lights to turn green so I can cross over Grimshaw and enter Watsonia proper.”

It seems that anonymous residents experience is not in isolation, with multiple locals contacting The Watsonia Bugle in recent months demanding answers to the ongoing riddle. Exactly why they think we would know what is happening remains unclear, but we’re happy to play Agony Aunt for the interim.