Tense local debate has arisen over the increasingly contentious topic of what Greensborough’s true nickname should be, with two very firm camps drawing up their arguments as we speak. It appears that both current and former residents of our neighbouring suburb are divided over whether the suburb should be colloquially referred to as “Greensy” or the “Burra”.

And the divide shows no signs of closing soon, as there is no such thing as a “correct” nickname for a suburb. The depth of feeling is apparently so strong that it has reached as far as the comments section of Bugle posts on Facebook, due to our deliberate style choice of going with “Greensy” when referring to our next door neighbours. On more than one occasion we have been privately contacted to challenge the use of “Greensy”, with lifetime residents of Greensborough questioning our accuracy and local knowledge.

When contacted on the issue, one member of the so-called “Team Burra” said, “Youse ‘Greensy’ sayers don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s the Burra, and always has been. Anyone that says ‘Greensy’ is a bloody idiot, mate.”

Meanwhile, a proud member of “Team Greensy” said, “This whole debate is quite unbecoming. Anyone with a semi- to fully-developed intellect knows that Greensborough is universally shortened to ‘Greensy’. I simply will not lower myself to any kind of so-called debate regarding the matter.”