An in-depth study into the performance of kitchen tongs indicates that they actually do perform better when they are clicked together first. The study, conducted by a local university, tested tong performance in a variety of working environments, including the kitchen and on the barbecue.

The leading researcher behind the study, Professor David Yallop, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Just like warming up your car’s engine before driving, the study indicates that giving your tongs a quick click before using them makes them perform better in the kitchen. In each and every one of the environments that we tested them in, they performed better with at least one air click before use.”

Professor Yallop also pointed out that failure to air click the tongs before use caused a whole variety of problems, such as dropped snags, scratching of fry pans, and dropping the tongs on the ground. He said, “Those kind of horror scenarios can all be avoided with the simple click of the tongs pre-use. So you’d be mad not to.”