On the eve of yet another AFL season, we think it’s time for the entire population of Australia to ease up on the Meat Loaf bashing, as society continues to sink the boot into the now widely-maligned singer. After selling millions of albums throughout an award-winning career, the tide turned against the Loaf in 2011 when he put in a below par performance at the AFL Grand Final of that year.

However, after almost a decade of ridicule and abuse, we think it’s time everyone started to lay off the Loaf, and cut the big man some slack. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, “Break it up boys. That belly ain’t gonna get aaaany pinker”.

Apart from the simple fact that it’s become an incredibly lazy parallel to draw, the Loaf deserves a second chance. How can a whole career’s worth of bangers all be undone after one lousy 12-minute slot in a lifetime’s work of entertaining the masses? All we are saying, is give Meat a chance.