After slipping as low as eighth on the local rankings, we are pleased to report that The Watsonia Bugle has risen to sixth on the list of the Diamond Valley’s most-trusted news sources. As reported last year, our slip to eighth was a definite low point in the life of our newspaper, resulting in some genuine soul searching, butcher’s paper brainstorming, and a more thorough checking of our sources and facts.

Following that challenging introspection, we are proud to report that our stocks have risen, climbing up the rankings ever so slightly. The biannual list, carefully compiled by the trusted Roy Morgan Research corporation, is produced after intensive interviewing of local residents. The top 10 is:

1. Monty Life 3094.

2. Watsonia Community Voice.

3. Jonno’s mum Barb from down the street.

4. Diamond Valley Leader.

5. Herald Sun.

6. The Watsonia Bugle.

7. Twitter.

8. The Greensborough Primary School newsletter.

9. Banyule Banner.

10. Steve’s Aunty from over in Greensy.

Other interesting moves on the list compared to last year include Jonno’s mum Barb rising up to number three, after what she described as a New Year’s Resolution to, “Cut the crap and stop gossiping so much”. Watsonia Community Voice was also a big mover, possibly thanks to the glowing endorsement we gave them back in late January, while Monty Life 3094 rightly held its ground as the gold standard for providing the community with reliable news and goings on.

Can we rise higher in the next rankings? Only time will tell, although we fear that our recent Rick Bitter ruse may count against us in the long run, just like our Taylor Swift exclusive did last year.