Returning international cricketer David Warner has reportedly admitted that it has taken his full 12-month ban to grow the rank beard that he was filmed wearing over the weekend. Warner appeared on a Cricket Australia video to talk about being reunited with his national teammates ahead of his ban being lifted at the end of this month.

While talk should’ve been about the complexities of reintegrating with the team after a year of speculation and damage control, most of the talk online centred around Warner’s shithouse facial hair. And a source close to the Australian team said that if you think the feedback from commenters on social media was harsh, you should’ve been at the team dinner held in Dubai.

In another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, the source said, “Mate, they absolutely ripped him to shreds. But, in an odd kind of way, it was the kind of return that he needed. Everyone was just laughing and hanging it on him. As we left the room after dessert, he confided in me that it had taken a full 12 months to grow, and he actually looked a bit hurt by the reaction of his so-called mates.”