A local man has claimed that the appearance of goal posts on Whatmough Park indicate the beginning of footy season. Graham Vander noticed the freshly erected goal posts on the oval during his daily walk to Greensborough Station this morning, reflecting that it was nice to have footy back.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the development, Vander said, “It’s kind of nice, I guess. Some kind of comfort amongst the crushing realisation that the days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder. But it’s nice to have footy back.”

While Whatmough Park is far from being the only dual-sport facility in the local area, Vander said most other grounds can accommodate their goal posts all year round. He also claimed that he wouldn’t be surprised if this week’s construction hadn’t been ordered from the very top at AFL House. Vander said, “I reckon Gil would’ve been on the phone late last week, for sure. There’s a checklist for this kind of stuff. Commencement of AFLW. Announcement of bulk rule changes. Completion of pre-season comp. Fixturing of Carlton versus Richmond for the Thursday night. Erection of goal posts at Whatmough Park. Ready to go.”