Following the success of the naturally occurring pink lake at the foot of the Westgate Bridge, a local man is reportedly considering spiking the lake at Binnak Park to increase tourism in the local area. Barry McLindon came up with the idea after hearing reports that the Westgate version was drawing thousands of visitors each weekend, as Melbournians clamour to capture photos that will look great on Instagram.

The so-called “Pink Lake” in Port Melbourne has received wide coverage in recent weeks, as visitors use the photo sharing network of Instagram to promote the apparent beauty of the naturally occurring lake that turns a shade of pink each summer. In response to that natural phenomenon, McLindon believes recreating such a vista could increase visitor numbers to Binnak Park and, as a result, boost business along the Watsonia Road shopping precinct.

While McLindon himself refused to admit he was planning to add food dye to the small pond in Watsonia North’s large reserve, sources close to him remain convinced that he’s going to do it. One such source said, “I reckon he’s gunna do it, for sure. His recent Google search history would be an interesting look. He keeps saying that the northern suburbs need to get creative if they want to match the tourist attractions that are available closer to the city. My only concern is that he has no understanding of the environment. So, I hope he does some research.”