A survey of women from across the Diamond Valley has revealed what they believe is the most annoying question that their partners ask. In the poll of over 2,000 local women, 87% of respondents nominated the question “Are you taking a handbag out tonight?”

While, on the surface, this question seems harmless, it is the follow up request of being able to place one or more items in the woman’s handbag that caused the most angst. Women reported feeling like a pack horse, a trailer, and a courier, as men exploited the fact that their partners were taking a carrying device with them on a night out.

Watsonia woman Kelli Stephenson agreed with the results, saying her husband always asks to put something in her bag when they go out. She said, “I feel like the bloody overhead compartment on an aeroplane. He’s always asking to put his glasses case, his keys, and/or his wallet in there. And then he has the audacity to constantly ask me whether I’ve still got them in my bag, like I’m now responsible for his precious cargo. It drives me mad.”