A local man is terribly confused by the new online craze known as “Mewing”, which is apparently designed to make you look more attractive in photos. Dave O’Brien was told of the new trend yesterday but said the only “Mewing” he was aware of involved the violent process of bringing up the day’s takings — i.e. vomiting.

According to reports earlier this week, the new online craze of “Mewing” involves pressing your tongue into the roof of your mouth in an attempt to markedly improve their facial structure. Named after father and son orthodontists Dr John Mew and Dr Mike Mew, the technique has gathered a cult following, despite some suggestions that the method should not be encouraged.

Meanwhile, O’Brien has spent most of his adult life using the word “Mewing” to explain vomiting, an old Australian rhyming slang term borrowing elements on the word “spew” and 1980s VFL footballer Chris Mew. The extremely contradictory definitions of the phrase “Mewing” caused enormous confusion for O’Brien.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his ordeal, O’Brien said, “Amongst my mates, the word ‘Mewing’ has always meant having a big spew, usually after a big night on the turps. When one of me daughter’s friends told me that ‘mewing’ was a technique used to make yourself look better in photos, I almost laughed meself off me chair. I’m just not sure I can use that term anymore now. The bloody Internet keeps taking stuff off us. It’s a joke.”