The nation’s football fans have resumed their position as casual knee specialists over the weekend, after a hectic opening round of AFL games. Led most prominently by the commentators, thousands of fans spent much of the weekend analysing multiple replays and diagnosing complex knee injuries to any player that was limping.

While actual medical professionals insisted that knee injuries should still be assessed by a doctor, most footy fans believe they have enough experience in the field to make an accurate diagnosis. After watching one player limp from the field yesterday, and after analysing replays from multiple angles, local fan Paul Daniels said, “Oh yeah, that’s an ACL for sure. He’s gone.”

Commentators covering the game seemed to confirm Daniels’ assessment, making concerned noises and using big words like “medial”, “lateral” and “compression”. Despite this seemingly qualified discussion, the player oddly consulted an actual medical professional on staff for his team.

Speaking after the game, Daniels said, “I don’t even know why they bother consulting the team doctors. Between the TV commentators and stuff that people Tweet about it, I reckon we provide a fairly sound diagnosis.”