A local renegade is reportedly showing scant regard for the use by dates printed on a wide variety of food products, boldly telling anyone who’ll listen that they are just suggested dates and that modern society, as a whole, has gone soft. Self-described rabble-rouser, Benji Davis also says there are many bargains to be had if you’re willing to trust your natural instincts rather than constantly “being told what to do by multi-national corporations that just want to sell you more crap”.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Davis said, “Humanity has been going for thousands and thousands of years and used by dates have been around for, what, maybe 100 years? 150 years tops? That’s a tiny percentage of humanity’s time on earth. We’re all going soft, mate. Do you reckon people in medieval times were checking the packaging on their dragon steaks to see when they went off? No, they were not. In fact, there wasn’t even packaging on them.”

Despite a concerning lack of understanding of basic ecology, Davis insisted that he knew whether any kind of food was off just by sniffing it for a few seconds. He said, “Take milk, for example. How much milk do you reckon gets tipped down the sink because it’s past its used by date? Too much, mate. That stuff’s so processed and homogenised that you could drink that stuff at least a week past its used by date. You can thank modern refrigeration for that.”