A local hot cross bun enthusiast is currently stockpiling his favourite baked treat ahead of the official end of Easter hitting tomorrow. Hugh Price claims that while he actually commenced stockpiling around a fortnight ago, his efforts will intensify today and tomorrow as most retail outlets stop producing hot cross buns after stocking them for the whole year.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Price said, “I’ve got one of them big chest freezers at home in the garage, so I basically just fill that right up with as many HCBs as I can before the wife goes crook at me. If I play it right, I can pretty much stockpile enough to last me through to about September. Maybe even October if I’m really disciplined.”

While the bulk purchase of so many hot cross buns might seem odd to some, Price claims it’s the best way to manage what he describes as a “full-blown addiction”. He said, “There’s no way I can go cold turkey on them after basically eating one a day for over four months. So, I buy a whole heap, freeze them, and then slowly wean myself off them as the year goes on. Winter is actually the perfect time for a hot cross bun, so it’s always good to have a few up your sleeve around that time.”