A local kid has accidentally learnt about myxomatosis thanks to the errant words of his drunk uncle Darren at a family gathering last night to celebrate Easter. While the kids gathered in the lounge room to share their excitement about the impending arrival of the Easter Bunny, uncle Darren just happened to be wandering past on his way back from the beer fridge when he said, “I’ve got bad news kids. The Easter Bunny has picked up a nasty case of myxomatosis, so he won’t be able to make any deliveries tonight, haha.”

Introduced to Australia in 1950 in an attempt to reduce the rabbit population across the country, myxomatosis has a devastating impact on the nervous system of rabbits, quite often resulting in death. Naturally, it is also quite a grim conversation topic on the night before Easter, especially amongst a bunch of young children who are barely school age.

As parents of the children clamoured to put out the spotfire lit my uncle Darren, the tech savvy kids in the room started asking Siri what “mixamatosy” was, and how it would impact on their ability to wake up to a bulk amount of chocolate on Easter Sunday. When later quizzed about his motives, Darren said, “Oh c’mon, it’s just a bit of fun guys, have a laugh will ya. The kids will be alright.”