A local footy tipper has controversially complained about a one-day break between rounds, claiming the short gap between games hasn’t provided her with enough opportunity to recover from the previous round. Rebecca Barnard publicly voiced her concerns this afternoon while deliberating over yet another round of tips.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about her grievance, Barnard said, “The players complain about having a five- or six-day break, but that’s an absolute luxury compared to the one-day break. I mean, how am I supposed to recover both mentally and physically from a full round of games in just one day. I’ve barely had time to complete my internal review from Round 5, let alone had time to prepare for this round.”

Barnard even claimed that she would be taking her complaint all the way to the AFL. She said, “They seem to make knee jerk reactions to just about every other minor issue in the game, so why not this? I reckon I’m a chance. At worst, they’ll form some ridiculous committee to discuss it, and it will momentarily distract them from changing more rules.”