In an attempt to water down criticism for his latest mocumentary series Lunatics, Chris Lilley is reportedly floating the idea of a follow-up series named “Lunatics of Watsonia”. Rather than playing a worldwide collection of odd characters himself, Lilley apparently hopes to follow the life and times of half a dozen real lunatics living in Watsonia.

A source close to the proposed Netflix series told The Watsonia Bugle, “Chris has been stung by the criticism for Lunatics, so I think he feels that if he produces an actual real-life doco about odd people, audiences will forgive him for Lunatics.”

The exact specifics of the show, including the casting, remain undecided, but the source claims that research has already commenced to see which Watsonians would be best for the show. They said, “We’ll probably aim to get a shortlist of a dozen, screen test them all, and then cut them down to five or six genuine Watsonian lunatics.”