The smoke smell that befell our local area last night has allegedly been intensified by the online speculation that whirled around the community as people attempted to pinpoint the true source of the odour. In response to the rare phenomenon, a local air quality specialist claims that the heat generated from multiple keyboards across the Diamond Valley added up to an additional 15-20% of smoke in the atmosphere.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Professor Callum Bailey said, “According to the air quality readings taken over the course of last night, a significant portion of the smoke in the air was caused by people furiously typing away at their devices to openly speculate where the original smoke had originated from. While it’s rare for this much smoke to rise from the hot keyboards of concerned local residents, we’re noticing this phenomenon occurring more and more these days.”

According to Professor Bailey, if these kind of results continue to arise, authorities may have to send out public service announcements pleading with people to stop speculating about complex issues on social media. He said, “A public announcement might seem extreme, but air quality is a very important issue. We can’t have this volume of speculation continuing to pollute the atmosphere, it’s terrible for the environment.”