An angry Essendon supporter reportedly booed Collingwood captain Scott Pendelbury at an Eltham restaurant last night, presumably still upset at the umpiring during the Anzac Day match two days ago. While Pendelbury, who was in Eltham to relive his glory days as an Eltham Wildcats basketballer, seemed shocked by the unwarranted abuse, witnesses say he took it in his stride, ultimately refraining from calling coach Nathan Buckley to attend the scene and jump to his defence.

In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, we managed to track down a waiter from the restaurant to help us ascertain more information about the incident. According to the anonymous waiter, the booer used the tried-and-tested defence that he’d paid his money to attend the restaurant, so was entitled to behave as he liked.

Despite that seemingly plausible explanation for being a fully-grown adult jeering another fully-grown adult in public, the waiter said, “I’m just not sure that reasoning really washes with me. I can’t step onto a train with a valid MYKI and just start mouthing off at people. Society doesn’t work that way.”

The full extent of the booing was both comprehensive and relentless. The waiter said, “It was overwhelming. The Bombers supporter booed while Pendles was trying to order his mains, he booed while Pendles ate, he booed while Pendles handled the bill, and he booed as Pendles left the restaurant. It was so strange.”