Self-proclaimed grammar nazis across the Diamond Valley have been divided by the inconsistent apostrophe use, or lack thereof, in the term “Mothers Day” as today’s big day approached. Advertising for the special day has been staggeringly inconsistent, with some organisations using the apostrophe and others not using it.

Local English teacher Tina Rafferty has told The Watsonia Bugle, “This conundrum has plagued the spelling and grammar community for decades. Does the day belong to just one mother, presumably yours, or is it a day celebrating mothers in the plural sense? You’ll find strong arguments for both cases, but the people using the apostrophe are categorically and irreversibly wrong. I wouldn’t refer to them as ‘morons’, but I wouldn’t correct someone else if they did.”

As with all questions surrounding spelling and grammar, we strolled across the expansive Bugle office and spoke to our beloved Chief Editor. However, his response was entirely inconclusive. He just said, “Go away. I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Get back to work. Don’t worry, if we get something wrong, some jerk will make a snarky remark in the comments section and we’ll just fix it then.”