Following news earlier this week that the Diamond Valley’s very own dancing coffee cup had accidentally made its way onto a Game of Thrones episode, further investigation has revealed another local food and beverage item appeared in the exact same scene. An eagle-eyed local went back through screenshots of the banquet scene in the most recent episode of the hit series and spotted what we’re led to believe is a large platter of Watsonia’s world-famous Noodle Station dim sims.

Dedicated Game of Thrones fan Rebecca Thomas said she only noticed the generous platter of the world’s best dim sims on her second look at episode four of the eighth season, after initially having her interest piqued by the appearance of the coffee cup. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Thomas said, “The haters will say those aren’t the Noodle Station dimmies, but I can spot that delicious shape anywhere. Those are the famous Watsonia dim sim. No doubt about it.”

While Thomas refused to delve into the logistics of getting our local delicacy shipped all the way to Northern Ireland for the filming of the show, she claimed the dimmies could be transported and re-heated when you’re desperate for a treat that many Watsonians take for granted. She said, “Of course! I often take an emergency supply with me if I’m travelling away from Watsy for more than a week. In fact, sometimes I’ll take them down to the beach with me if I’m just going away for the weekend.”