Planning for the North East Link is believed to have been updated early this week, with provision of a mobility scooter lane added to designs following a bizarre turn of events last Friday. As reported widely on mainstream media, last Friday on the Monash Freeway an elderly man merged onto the 100kmph thoroughfare, sparking chaotic scenes and genuine safety risks.

Image via: Dash Cam Owners Australia (Facebook)

In response to that frightening event, plans are reportedly underway to add a permanent mobility scooter lane to the controversial new toll road linking the Ring Road to the Eastern Freeway. One insider said, “Yeah, yep, definitely happening. They’re pretty keen for it. It will provide a genuine point of difference. Our research indicates that it would be a world first.”

While the addition of a mobility scooter lane would presumably pose a range of safety issues, the source claimed that a dedicated lane “aligned with a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the community”. Information about the lane is expected to be available in the Hub in the coming weeks.